The 3 Least Visited Counties in the World – Tuvalu, Marshall Island and Kiribati

Ever wonder what life is if you’re in the middle of the world’s largest ocean? Let’s discover 3 island countries in the Pacific – Tuvalu, Marshall Island, Kiribati. These 3 are the least visited countries in the world, the reason I can’t simply fathom because they are such beautiful places to experience.



Tuvalu only receives less than 2,000 tourist yearly but that doesn’t mean the people are less friendly, in fact, they are very hospitable and most of them speaks English. You can have a guided tour not by a certified travel guide but by locals who are just willing to show you around. The country only has a 10km highway from north to south and you can rent a motorbike to travel the area or you can hitch a ride from any of the enthusiastic natives. When you’re done exploring their waters you can bond with the locals in the airstrip of the island which doubles as a park. Late in the afternoon when the sun is not too hot already, the locals gather there to talk, play sports or just chill around, and it is the best spot to observe these kindred spirits. They are also devout Christians so prepare to be invited to church during Sundays. Prepare to give up modern comforts, especially WiFi, because this place is just ideal for relaxation and retreat.



This little country is composed of volcanic islands and atolls, with its northwestern side used as a WWII’s ship graveyard. These shipwrecks are now popular sites for diving and most of the yearly 6000 tourists who visit here are scuba divers awaiting to see the biggest shipwreck, the USS Saratoga. If you’re not into diving, you can do a yacht cruise or go fishing in any of the fishing vessels roaming their waters. The WWII relics are not only seen underwater but also on dry land, and guided tours to see these historical artefacts can be reserved with the island’s tour provider. There are atolls here that are considered as a birdwatcher’s haven and a green sea turtles refuge. Unlike Tuvalu, Marshall Islands’ capital, Majuro, is a busy little city with an international airport and bustling seaport so hotels are abundant and local tourist centers can be easily seen.



Another small island country which is famous for its pristine beaches, crystal clear lagoons and teeming marine life. Kiribati boasts stunning coral gardens that is part of the one of the world’s largest marine reserves. The underwater ecosystem is so healthy because of the country’s remoteness and unspoiled waters. You can even rent boats for whale watching activities especially during December to April. Game fishing is another activity that can spike your interest with a chance to catch a tuna, marlin or bonefish. Aside from the species of fish that populate the blue waters, this little republic is also famous for orinthologists because of the hundreds of bird species that is seen here. At night, after the encounter with the wildlife and marine creatures, be with the locals and imbibe the local vibe by visiting a manaeba or local community house where you can hear stories and listen to folk songs.